We appreciate the trust you place in us to provide fun, clean, and safe experiences for those you love. We are upholding stringent cleaning protocols with sanitation equipment approved by EPA. We are educating our team on preventative safety measures and ensuring all working members are healthy and not showing any symptoms of COVID-19.  We are also continuing to offer customer-friendly policies that allow for easy and flexible rescheduling options

Welcome to Florida! Our weather can be rather unpredictable, so we provide you with the option to reschedule or cancel your event 48 hours prior. Please keep in mind that all deposits are non-refundable, so it is important you reschedule in a timely manner. If we deliver and set up, and it then rains, there will be no raincheck, refund, or discount. We require cancellation 48 hours in advance. 

We do! It is illegal to operate and rent inflatables without state inspections and proper insurance coverage. Your safety is our #1 priority!

Ideally a flat, clean area within 50-100 feet of an outlet. Kindly clean up any sticks, rocks, animal waste, or toys in the area where the house will be. If you are unsure of dimensions needed or the condition of your yard/party venue, please call us to discuss.

It’s okay! Not everyone does. We can provide an ultra-quiet generator for $100/day. 

For our Classic Tent house, we recommend no more than 5-6 people at one time. 

For our Castle house, we recommend no more than 7-8 people at one time.

It is important someone at the party is appointed to be aware of the guests entering and exiting the bounce house to ensure everyone’s safety and keep the house below capacity. If you’d prefer everyone be able to fully enjoy the party, an attendant can be added to your reservation. 

We exclusively use heavy-duty stakes and/or commercial-grade sandbags for extra reinforcement. Island Bounce House takes safety very seriously and understand winds can increase quickly and forcefully. We encourage you to use good judgment and deflate the unit if winds pick up to over 15-20 MPH. When the winds die down, check your stakes and re-inflate if all looks good.

Aside from our attendant making your party stress-free, their main goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of your guests. They monitor the bounce house to assist guests with entry, and check to make sure shoes, food/drink, and pets do not end up inside! They help keep children safely distanced and regulate the number of jumpers at a time. 

Additionally, they will be present to touch up any dirty spots, wipe down the bounce house entry, and adjust any of your custom details in the event something starts to shift. 

As with anything white, dirt and stains can be easily seen. Thankfully our commercial-grade vinyl is easy to clean and every rental includes a touch-up kit in the event of a unexpected mess. 

Should you opt for an attendant, they are trained to inspect the unit in between bounces and handle any stains that occur. 

Our standard set-ups are included in the rental price. Additional travel fees may apply if more than 20 miles outside of West Palm Beach, FL or if your venue requires special instruction for drop off and pick up. Please contact our office for an estimate.